Friday, May 18, 2012

Life in the Fast Lane!

It's crazy how life is moving so fast! Lyla is now 4 months old and just as precious and wonderful as day 1! The big kids are busy with sports and end of school activities. Clint is the family sports chauffeur.. every single night of the week! I am busy with Lyla, our household, my Etsy shop, the big kids, work and oh yes, being a good wife ;)

I just realized I didn't post for Lyla's 3rd month! It's crazy because I used to blog all the time. Now it's only on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays when I am at work and have the time to do it! Ugh.

At 3 months Lyla loves to chew on everything, especially her hands. She loves to scream and make lots of noise! She loves read books and has started to show a lot more of her cute/spunky personality. Clint always said that she's going to talk our ears off when she learns how! I agree!!
At 3.5 months I decided that getting up at 2am for a feeding needed to come to an end. I took the weekend to try it...and it worked. I had to go into her room a few times to give her her paci back, but overall it went great. She now sleeps from 8pm to 6am! YAHOO! 
Lyla also learned how to roll from her stomach to her back at 3.5 months. She is a PRO at it now. Bad thing is is that she is a tummy there are many times that she gets mad because she can't get back over in the middle of the night, so I have to go assist! We are working on rolling the other way now! Here she is at 3 months. CUTENESS!

 I LOVE this picture of her and Elmo. She's looking over at Laynie (who can always get her to smile big)

I can't believe i'm posting about 2 months at a time, but oh well. I do what I can! ;)
This week Lyla turned 4 months. She is such a happy baby!
She has really mastered swatting at toys and grabbing for things. It's SO fun to see her grow and learn new things! Makes me so proud!
She loves to scream and talk...especially when you lay her on her changing table. It's the funniest thing. She will be silent...but as soon as you lay her down on the changing pad, BAM... she's screaming and laughing like crazy. She's done this since she was like a month old! Here she is trying to master the new sippy cup/bottle. It's a bottle, but with handles to teach them how to old on! Genius! She did pretty good.

 I love her hair after a bath. I lather her up with coconut oil. Her curls are SUPER tight and thick. I can't wait to start doing some actual hairstyles! ;)

Our adoption is getting closer to being finalized. We are praying like crazy for the obstacles that have come up to just GO AWAY. We know that God has built our family exactly the way He wants it, so we just pray that everything goes through and we can move forward! We have court on June 28th.

God continues to bless us and show us how faithful He is. We are SO thankful.