Tuesday, September 13, 2011

3 months down....? to go

So it's been 3 months since we were added to the DRC waitlist with One World Adoptions. A lot of movement in the past 3 months. We went from #18 to #7. We were loving the movement we were seeing.
Until now.
It has slowed down and they don't have any new referrals at this time. I think I got used to moving up on the wait list weekly, so this quiet time has been a bit hard.
I know God is preparing our children and us.
I've been in a blog funk. Not really sure what to write. Not really full of positive things to say.
I HATE when I feel that way.

I cling to knowing that God has a PERFECT plan for us. He has everything worked out in such awesome timing and I need to trust more in that!
It's a daily struggle.

I pray every day for my children. That they are healthy, safe, loved. That they are not hungry or hurt or sad.
It's hard.

So for today I will celebrate the past 3 months. Happy waitlistaversary.


  1. praying that the movement starts back up soon!!! I know those slumps are the worst! :(

  2. Oh, dang. I loved watching you guys move up the list so darn fast! Fingers crossed things start moving again SOON. I'm sorry things are tough right now. Glad you had a good birthday!

  3. We are so meant to be friends. I have been in a "blog funk" as of late as well until I finally opened up today. I have been really struggling lately and just pushed the adoption to the back of my mind. Here's to a better outlook today sister!