Thursday, April 5, 2012

Coming home to our new life with Lyla

It almost felt like we were dreaming... boarding a plane after 9 days... with our precious girl in tow. You can imagine the looks we got. Not only was she outside our race (that will get you enough looks as it is), but she looked like she was just born like 5 min before! Super tiny and sweet!
It was a later flight..6pm. We were exhausted, but had just enough adrenaline to get us home! Lyla was the perfect passenger! She ate when we first boarded, but then slept pretty much from then on. It was awesome!
Flying with a baby was surprisingly easy too. We didn't have to wait in the long security lines and we got to preboard! ;)

I cried on the flight home. It was just overwhelming. We were finally taking our baby home!

Here we are... tired, excited, overwhelmed, overjoyed!

So happy to be holding my baby... in the airport... on our way HOME!

We didn't get any pictures of our arrival. To my sweet friend Kerri's defense, it was like 11:45pm and we were pooped and forgot to ask her to take some pics! I'm sure she was too excited to see Lyla to care about pics! ;)

Only by God's amazing timing... at midnight on the night we arrived (Tuesday the 24th) time had elapsed for the birthmom to change her mind.
Talking about watching our clock as we sat and waited on our luggage! Thank you Jesus..we could breath a little easier and enjoy being home that much more! God is Good!

Over the next few weeks we settled in as a family of 5!
Lyla continued to be the PERfect baby. I had 3 more weeks of maternity leave, so it was wonderful to get that time at home with her.
We were blessed by all of our friends and family to come home to a spotless house, a week of hot meals and LOVE...LOTS of LOVE for Lyla. That was the best part.

Our sweet friend Kerri and her girls loving on Lyla.... I love this picture!

Grace and Caroline were so excited to get to meet Lyla and hold her.

Big sister Laynie got to meet and love on her on Wednesday night.

One of the sweetest times was when my Dad met Lyla. He was super smitten. It melted my heart. You pray and pray for everyone to love and accept your adopted child as much as you, but you just never know... and that's scary. I am more than proud to say that we have felt nothing but LOVE and Joy and Peace and acceptance since we've been home. Our families and friends have been so amazing and it really does fill our hearts with joy and happiness. Lyla is SO very loved.

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  1. God Bless that BEAUTIFUL baby girl.. Seriously could she be any sweeter!!
    She looks like dream come true!!