Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hair Everywhere!

Oh my sweet, sweet girl! She is growing so much! 12lbs, 10oz and 23.25" to be exact.
Last week, with the temps getting into the 90's here, I decided that it was probably time I tried a hairstyle on her. It would allow her scalp to breath a little and give her some much needed relief from the heat. She has the THICKEST hair I have ever seen. Beautiful tight curls and LOTS of them!
So after consulting my friends at CHVC (Chocolate Hair, Vanilla Care) I decided to just try some box puffs. WOW....was I thankful that my sweet Lyla is SUPER patient and sweet...she just sat and enjoyed a few toys and a little "Doc McStuffins" on the iPad.
My sweet friend Kerri helped me too!

 Yes, it took 4 hands to start....... oh us beginners! ;)
 You can't really tell, but there is our first puff....
 Isn't she the cutest!?
 The princess teething ring was a necessity!
 We finally got the top one and side ones done. She was SO good. The parts were fairly easy to do and I can't tell you how much I LOVE "Kinky Curly, Knot Today". It's a leave in conditioner and it's wonderful...and smells great too! Oh, and you can find it at Target!!!
 Working on the back...
 Pardon my face in this picture...such concern. I really didn't want to mess up!
So here was the finished product. I was fairly pleased with it being my first time. At least I know she will sit still and really let me work on her hair. Now I just do the 4 puffs in the front... the back got WAY too messed up during sleep time!

We are still just amazed every day at the blessing God has given us. Lyla continues to be such a sweet girl. She giggles, screams (with delight) and loves to play with toys. She chews on EVERYthing!
We got the green light to start cereal and veggies....I can't believe it!
She will be 5 months on June 16th. Holy cow.

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