Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Time

We have been SO busy lately. I wish that Christmas wasn't so hectic....that it was just laid back and relaxing. HA

We love spending time with our friends and family though! A couple of weeks ago we got to have a nice Christmas party with our new adoptive friends. We are blessed to have these wonderful friends in our lives to share the journey with. I love that we all know exactly what infertility feels like, and now what this adoption journey is like! It's nice to have that special connection!

The boys posing for a pic. Matt, Jason, Clint and John

The girls turn. Joely, me, Jennifer and Sarah. I look like I have a neck brace on...crazy scarf!

Jennifer got each of us girls these two books. One Special Me and The Boy of Color. Both so sweet and I can't wait to read them to my sweet little baby!

This past weekend we celebrated Christmas with Clint's family. We did a TON of baby holding (we are the proud new Aunt, Uncle, Cousins to two very sweet little twin boys, Jackson and Brooks)

Clint with Brooks!

Laynie with peaceful.

Then it was time for gifts! Our kids got so much this year from everyone. It made me think of all the kids around the world that wont get anything. It breaks my heart that I can't fix that for all of them! I just try and do my part...however I can.

Here's Laynie...totally in love with her NF jacket.

And Blake with his new tennis shoes.
I did a LOT of sewing. Many dolls were made over the past week and 1/2.
Here is my first boy doll that I've made. He turned out pretty cute!

So now it's the week of Christmas. Clint and I are excited to just relax for a few days. We are not going anywhere (except the Thunder game) on Christmas day and we are very happy about that.
I have been patiently waiting the call from our home study worker. She emailed me saying she needed to talk to both Clint and I before she could wrap up our home study. Not sure what that means, but we'll find out at 5:30pm. Eeeek.
We are still so excited about being parents to an Ethiopian baby (or babies). It's a long road...but we are comforted knowing there is an end.
God has blessed us over and over again and it's wonderful to see how things work out when you are really listening to God and trying to follow the path that he's showing you!

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