Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I guess I forgot to blog about Thanksgiving! Woopsies!
This year we hosted. My sister's family and my Mom came up from San Antonio for a week long visit. It was great to see the kids and enjoy some sister time. My Grandparents surprised us a day early and spent the it was a fun week ;)

Clint was head chef for the week. He was always in the kitchen cooking something. What a wonderful hubby!
My cute Grandmother...aka Bobbie. She's so full of life and is such a spunky lady! We love her SO much!

The crew. Not sure what Clint's face is saying. Maybe he's having a family overload! I don't blame him!!

The kid table. Laynie, Izzy, Blake, Luke and Matthias.
On the adoption front: We are still waiting on our home study to be finished so we can review it. With Thanksgiving right in the middle of it, I'm sure that puts us back a week :(
In the meantime Ive been working on our dossier. I have most everything done except for a few little things. I'm still a little fuzzy as to when we get on the wait list. Is it after we are "Gladney approved" or is it after the dossier is sent to Ethiopia and "approved"? Anyone want to shed some light on that?
Other then that we are just in limbo. I'm guessing that's the way we will stay for the next year really.
Last night we went to my sister in-laws to hold our 1 month old twin nephews. They are so tiny and sweet. It just made me wish we had our little one here now! God has perfect timing though.
Clint starts a new job on Monday! Yippee. He will be doing commercial (and residential) roofing for Red River Roofing here in Edmond. We are excited about this blessing because we know God had His hand in it and hopefully we will be able to just be a one income family by the time we bring our baby (or babies) home.
This weekend we are looking forward to a fun Christmas get together with some other couples in the adoption world. We are really happy to have made some new friends that are adopting from Ethiopia too!

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  1. Kathleen, I just checked our timeline and we WENT ON THE WAITLIST the same day our dossier was sent to Washington DC for authentication. Our dossier didn't actually reach Ethiopia until 11 days later. Hope that helps clear up the waitlist date! I know it gets kind of confusing!