Friday, January 6, 2012

It's been a while...Part 2, the CALL!

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Friday I had to work until noon. I didn't mind.
My office was quiet and I made lists of things to get done before my sister and her family, along with my little brother, were to make their way into town from San Antonio that night. I was exciting to see them for Christmas and I knew it was going to be a very full weekend!

I emailed with our caseworker a few times. She mentioned that there was a birthmom in North Carolina that they would be presenting us to. I knew not to get too excited. #1, it was Friday...#2 it was the Friday of Christmas weekend and #3 I knew that they would have to overnight our profile and that was already putting us at Tuesday.

I decided that I wasn't going to get sad or upset that my BOLD prayers were not going to be answered yet again. I thought about my new BOLD prayer and what that would be. Maybe I would pray to know something in the next month, or two.....or three.
I just knew that I couldn't focus on that. I needed to focus on the excitement of Christmas and of Jesus' birth..and of all my family being together. I knew I had to "let go" of the BOLD prayer I had prayed for so long.

I was oddly okay.

I left work at noon and hurried around to get things done.
That evening we went to my Dad's to greet my sister and her family and my little brother. We ate, played with the kids and enjoyed being together. Lots of laughter....lots of playing....

Around 7pm we got in the car to go home.
I did my usual check of my phone.

I had an email.... from my caseworker..... that said "URGENT" in the subject. My heart skipped a beat.
I opened the email and read that my caseworker needed me to call her on her cell, asap.

I was getting more and more excited. Clint was his usual calm, together self. :)

I called her.....and she said, "I have some exciting news for you guys. You were MATCHED with the birthmom from North Carolina".

I think I peed my pants a little.

We were so excited. I couldn't stop squealing and laughing and carrying on. I'm sure our caseworker thought I was coo-coo.
She gave us all the details and I scrambled around to take some notes.
She said that our baby is due via c-section on the 23rd (since then, it's been moved to the 30th) of January!!
Seriously, I had a permanent smile on my face and so did Clint.

and just like that..... MY BOLD PRAYER WAS ANSWERED!
God waited until December 23rd, at 7pm.... Just 2 days before Christmas! He knew I would grow so much in those last few days. He knew that my faith would be tested and that I would grow in my walk with Him.

We were so excited to be able to call family and close friends and share this awesome story.

It was great to have my family in town. To be able to celebrate with them, face-to-face!

Christmas was filled with so much joy and thankfulness. It was such a testimony to God's faithfulness. We were just so amazed by His love for us.

Since Christmas we have been in overdrive! Clint has worked SO hard on the nursery and it looks awesome! We have the paint done and now just wait for the carpet to come in.

I have done a little sewing too. Since we don't know the gender, I have been a little limited on my fabric choices.... but that's ok! Lots of cute polka-dots!!!
Ive made seat belt strap covers... and paci clips.
My sister bought us a Boppy while she was here, so I sewed a few covers for it!
Penny helped me put together the bassinet. Then I tested it out on her. hee hee.

I have been making a lot of travel lists! We plan to drive to NC, leaving on the 28th. We will probably be there a week (or more). Depending on court and our attorney.
Just praying things go smooth.

We can't wait to share more pictures of the nursery and preparation!

And of course, pictures of our sweet gift from above!
Lyla Rose or Oliver Robinson!

God is Good!


  1. oh WOW!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE HIM. simply amazing and I am thrilled for you both. keep us posted!!

  2. So Robinson made it in as a middle name??? lol So excited to see him or her!! Love you!

  3. After reading this it REALLY made me wish I could sew. :) Love your talent! So excited for you, my bloggy friend!

  4. Oh Kathleen! Such wonderful news! Oh I'm so so happy for you.

  5. Kathleen - that is AMAZING!!!!! CONGRATS!!!

  6. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you guys and Can't wait to meet him or her!!!!

  7. Congratulations!! (And the names are just adorable!)

  8. Yee!!! So happy for you guys. And I love "I think I peed my pants a little"

    The 30th is coming up FAST!!

  9. Hi Kathleen,

    I have a question about your adoption. Could you please contact me at


    Matthew Lee

  10. Hi,

    My husband and I are currently on the wait list for DRC. We also have our portfolio with a local agency for possible domestic adoption. I'd love to hear from you about how you transitioned to domestic and your feelings on domestic vs Congo. Thanks so much! I'd love all the info I could get.