Wednesday, September 19, 2012

8 months, wha????

Seriously, can you believe it's been 8 months since we were blessed with this angel? It seems like yesterday that I was writing this post about "the call". The one that would change our lives forever.

Lyla turned 8 months on the 16th of September. She is still the happiest, easiest baby I have ever met...and she's my daughter!! She has two teeth on the bottom and 3 that have decided to pop through all at once this week!! She loves eating table food (girl will have nothing to do with baby food!) and drinking out of a cup (she doesn't want a will I cope??). She is starting to pull up on stuff and would rather stand then sit. She is slowly attempting to crawl, but again...would rather you stand her up! She LOVES her Daddy. He can make her smile more than anyone!
She got her first sleep cap this week and kept it on last night until about 3am! She has SO much hair that we either needed a sleep cap or satin sheets. So we started with the cap. It's pretty adorable on her!
I have yet to master a hairstyle that can "go the distance"... but I'll learn. For now the fro is what we love the best.
Laynie and Blake have been great with their little sister. Blake makes her laugh and scream and she lights up when Laynie comes in the room. It's really precious!

Our lives are hectic with 3 kiddos, but we wouldn't change a thing!

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