Wednesday, October 20, 2010

All Wrapped Up in a Bow!

Today I am sending the first group of our paperwork (application included) to Gladney! Along with our first chunk of payment. I'm excited to have completed that first bit and am already moved on to the second group (much easier than the first)! We are really excited and I know those feelings will just get stronger!

We told the kids (Laynie who is 14 and Blake who is 10) on Tuesday night. They have always been such open and accepting kids. They don't mind change and LOVE kids, so they were excited. I'm not sure if they grasp that their little sister will be coming from Africa...but when we asked how they felt about it they said, "That's great with us". So cute.

Laynie and I have been talking about baby names and all Blake cares about is if he gets to go with us to get her. ;) He said, "well, ya know...I have never been on a plane before". I thought...oh gosh, not sure if a 16 hour flight would be good for a first time!! We'll see.

So on to group 2 of our of our house, of us, of the kids, etc.


  1. VERY Exciting! Congrats on completing the first step....

  2. Sorry it took me forever but I did get yoyr blog switched on the Ethiopian Adoption Blogs site. Good luck with the rest of your adoption journey!