Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Setting the Groundwork

I have been brainstorming like there is no tomorrow!!!!!!! Brainstorming why?….well let me just tell ya!

Clint and I have made the decision to adopt. I hope to sit down in the next few days and write about our journey thus far…but for now I’m going to hit the ground running with FUNDRAISING for our Ethiopian adoption! I can’t even believe it as I type it! A beautiful baby chosen by God to be OUR baby…a member of OUR family! WOW…what a blessing.

In order for us to avoid going into some serious debt….we will be raising funds for our adoption. We believe that God has placed it on our hearts to adopt, and He will continue to bless this journey we are on!

I have always thought of myself as “crafty”. I LOVE sewing, crafting, painting…the works! I have an Etsy shop and a website ALL proceeds from any sells I make will go toward our adoption! I can’t wait to see how God will bless my little “business”!

Here are a few things that I have been working on to add to my website and Etsy store.

These sweet “lovie” blankets are 14×14 and SUPER cuddly.

I have made many of these crayon rolls. This is just a quick phone pic, but I have a few on my etsy shop. I even personalize them! Very popular!

I have made a few dresses for my precious friends little girl. This is just one of them. I am still working on getting some good pics of the others I have made!

And diaper cakes! I started my little “business” making these a few years ago. Little did I know then that one day the funds would be put to some amazing use!

Like I said I love to be crafty! This is a cute wooded sign I made for a friend of mine. I am working on more of these as well! Halloween, Christmas, Names, Birthday….etc!

So if you are interested in anything you have seen so far, just shoot me an email! kathleenellis79 @ gmail

Can’t wait to add some adoption t-shirts, necklaces and key chains to this list too!! More to come!!!!!

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