Monday, March 7, 2011

CIS Fingerprints DONE (with a little help from Roz!)

Friday the 4th we went and had our fingerprints done. The LAST thing before we get to send in our Dossier and get on the WAITlist!
I didn't take the ever so popular "CIS Fingerprint" photo that day, not sure why...but I didn't. Kind of kicking myself for it.
We had this whole crazy fiasco leading up to it....I LOST our appointment letters! Not even kidding. I'm not one to lose anything, so it was beyond frustrating. I always know where things are (you couldn't tell that by the way I keep my sewing room) but for some reason the two most important forms for this day were MISSING! I ended up calling the 800 number and begging for a solution. The lady on the other end of the line sounded like Roz from Monsters Inc. She was not impressed by my sweet talk, nor my sob story! I started getting worried! Then I just broke out in tears. Yep, that's right....sobbing over the fact that I would have to wait even longer to get my fingerprints done and get on the wait list to bring my baby home from Ethiopia.
Either she got sick of listening to me sniffle, or she reached down deep for some sympathy...she just interrupted me and said (in her Roz voice)..."What's your fax number". I just started laughing and was so happy she was going to do this for me.
She let me know that it was going to be a while because she's stuck at the front desk answering phones! I told her NO PROBLEM.
So...Roz faxed the appointment letters and we were set!
All in all it was very easy and laid back. There's not a lot of jokesters or excitement at the Dept of Homeland Sec in Oklahoma City!
Oh well...our prints our now we wait for the letter and move forward! YAY!

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