Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just another bump is all....

It's really kind of an understatement to say that adoption is like navigating a bumpy road. You are quickly going side to side...slowing down, speeding up....just to make it to the end and on to a smoother road.
I'm not sure I have yet to read an adoption blog that doesn't blog about their adoption being tough or bumpy or something to that effect. If you are reading this and have had the smoothest adoption ever...please don't comment (just playing.. but really, don't!)

If you remember, I have been mailbox stalking over the last few days (ok weeks)
On Friday Clint handed me an envelope from USCIS....I was SUPER excited. I quickly opened it and cleared my throat to read it aloud.
From first glimpse, I knew something wasn't right. It was on pink paper...like saying, "CAUTION" or "WARNING"....NOT what I was expecting at all!

I read on and saw that we needed to submit some additional information regarding a court case Clint was involved in (not his own...one that he was supposed to testify in) back in 1995. Yep, that's right...16 years ago!
It was Friday afternoon, so there wasn't anything we could do about it until Monday. BLEH!

Monday morning Clint called the court house and drove over 100 miles to get the certified court documents we needed. I am overnighting everything back to CIS today and hopefully we will have the approval letter in the next week or so.

What a bumpy road this is, but we know that God has blessed our path.... this is His plan.


  1. It is soo bumpy!! I don't think anyone's had a smooth ride. And I'm like you, if so, I don't want to know!! :)

    This bump is ensuring that the child God has chosen for your family is ready right when you are!

  2. Good morning--I just found your blog and wanted to share that we just got approved by USCIS, but had previously also received one of those dreaded pink papers--and it was exactly one week between sending in the paperwork they needed and approval, so don't fret too much (I'm the pot calling the kettle black here!)--they seem to move very quickly when they receive the needed documents. Good luck!