Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mailbox Stalking

Yes, this is what I do daily (especially if my mailman comes on my lunch break!). I drop everything and head to the mailbox when I get home from work. Sometimes I get lucky and he comes when I am home for lunch..bonus!
What am I stalking it for??? Well, our CIS approval letter of course! We should only be about a week away from receiving our letter, and once that is in I can send off our Dossier (foreign paperwork) to Gladney and then it's off to Washington DC...and we will officially be on the WAIT LIST!
Unfortunately today this is all I got from Mr. Postman....

Until tomorrow mr mail box!


  1. I stalk my mailbox everyday because I LOVE to get mail. I have gone to check the mail since I was a kid. I get mad if John checks it when he gets home. I usually just find bills, but every now and then there's a fun surprise.

  2. I was thinking about your approval letter this morning. Surely it should be here soon! I love checking the mail too! :)