Monday, May 16, 2011

Copy Cat-- Blog post style

I have been in a blog funk. Not sure why or what it's about, or how long it will last ....but I have been really trying to think of things I want to blog about and other then the same'ol adoption post (nothing against those of course!)...I have nothing lately!!!

So I'm totally going to copy Jennifer's post.

Some random things to know about ME! :)

1. I love sweet tea. If I were totally crazy (and a little white trash) I would have a big "I *heart* Sweet Tea" tattooed somewhere on my body...... seriously LOVE it that much!

2. I have a tattoo... it says "patience" and it's on my left foot. I have very little patience sometimes, so this tattoo comes in handy. It is true what they say, you can never have just one tattoo! It's totally addicting! crap.

3. I can't stand the sound of cotton balls (yes, they have a sound), fingernail clipping, ice chewing, open mouthed eating, etc... totally crazy, I know! ;)

4. I love to sew (duh!). I especially love to sew when it's just for fun or for friends/neighbors, etc.

5. I am obsessed with blogs.... decorating blogs, adoption blogs, crafty blogs, sewing blogs, blogs..blogs...blogs! Something about them just makes me smile.

6. Love reality TV....yip, not going to lie! Tori and Dean, Khloe & Lamar, The Kardashians, 16 and Prego, Teen Mom......Bring it! Love all of them.

7. My husband does dishes.... and cooks, and does laundry whenever I need him to! Yes, he's the best!

8. I am NOT and outdoors girl, unless I'm laying outdoors by/in a pool. Otherwise, give me air-conditioning and NO BUGS!

9. I live in a cul-de-sac. It's awesome and we call it "the sac".

10. I can touch my tongue to my nose

SUPER random...but fun. Thanks Jennifer for the inspiration!


  1. You're telling me that you have never eaten a hotdog off the ground at a ballpark? You should try it and join my club ;) Glad I could be such inspiration.

  2. This is really funny and just what I needed to keep moving through this rainy day! Praying for you as each day brings you closer to the one when He will reveal. Congrats on meeting that 1 month waitaversarry :)