Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

Mother's Day this year was especially wonderful! Besides being the step-mom to two pretty amazing kids, I am "paper" pregnant waiting on my precious baby from Ethiopia.

It doesn't seem real. I mean, I read the blogs...I wear the t-shirts, I pray for my baby and her birth-mother... but just seems like something I'm doing for now...not like it's something that is ever really going to happen.
I'm REALLY going to be a mom? No one is ever going to take her/him/them away? Ever? That just seems like a fantasy to me.

I know we have a long wait ahead. I try to concentrate on the "here and now" and not dwell on the months that I have left to wait for my baby.
I'm blessed to have amazing friends and family to focus on. Thank goodness! ;)

So for Mother's Day this year the kids and Clint got me my "Heart for Africa" necklace from Junk Posse on Etsy! I have wanted one since we first made the decision to adopt, but I am so happy that Clint decided on Mother's Day to be the time to get it for me.
It it precious and means the world to me!

Here's Blake and I on our snow cone date on Saturday night. It was kind of last minute, so Blake had his footie pj's on. I said, "just slip some shoes on". So he did and then while we were in the car on the way back, he was looking out the window and said, "hmm, where else can we go on our date"? I laughed as I reminded him that he was in his footie pajamas! He's a cute boy. ALL boy...but cute.
Blake also had a baseball tournament in Edmond this weekend.

It was a great Mother's Day weekend. Filled with family, friends, baseball, sunshine, snow cones, gifts, shopping, and sewing....what more could a girl ask for!? I am truly blessed!

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