Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Number UPdate!!!

Because I am not a patient person, I went against my "once a month" rule when it came to emailing our agency about the waitlist. It becomes an obsession of sorts. The DRC adoption community is SO much smaller then Ethiopia that when referrals are given out, it's not like you know who or when or how many. Not everyone has a blog (come on everyone...get with it!haha)
So when you want to know if something has changed, you have to email to find out. So I broke down, after only waiting two weeks, and emailed Terri. She let me know that they were reconfiguring the wait list to make it a little more functional and user friendly for them. She said it would change our numbers, but not by much.
So after she said that, I waited a few days for that to take affect. Yesterday I emailed again to see what the word was on the new list numbers. She said that they are now only using one list...not two (before there was a sibling list and an infant list). We are officially number 7 on the list. I was SUPER excited. #7!

That means there are only 6 families ahead of us. Some I know of, some I don't.... and I will be praying for all 6 of them and their children.

#7.... just can't believe we are only 6 referrals away from seeing our babies...our sweet angels that will be the loves of our lives! It's hard to comprehend.

So now for BOLD praying.....
We are members at Life ( and we have been talking about BOLDNESS over the past few weeks.
A few things that have stood out to me is this:

"What you PRAY reflects what you BELIEVE about God" (WOW, if that's not saying "oh ye of little faith", I don't know what is!)

"Pray for BOLDNESS and pray for MIRACLES" (I'm usually not one to pray this way. I feel that with everything that has happened over the past year and a half, that praying for a miracle or praying boldly is just setting yourself up for disappointment. Not true. Having faith in God and His Will means being able to accept "NO". Infertility was my big "NO"... and I think I prayed BOLDLY for a miracle in that area. But look at us now. We would not be growing in our faith like we are now...drawing closer to God every day. If God said "YES" all the time, when would we ever need to have faith, or patience, or trust in His Will?)

I haven't been praying BIG enough. I haven't been giving fully to the fact that GOD can do AMAZing things! He can change lives, move mountains, heal the wounded, and can bring my family together forever! HE CAN.

So my BOLD prayer is this: that God will provide the finances we need to accept a referral and that He will bless us with our referral in the next MONTH!

HUGE, right?

I like to call it my "Sun Stand Still" prayer. My faith in God to do huge, amazing things.
So that we can then tell everyone what God has done for us. (Acts 4:16-20)

(read "Sun Stand Still" by Steven Furtick if you haven''s amazing)

So that's it.... my BOLD prayer for this adoption.

What is yours? Pray BOLDLY and TRUST in God to show up and do AMAZING things....then share your miracles with everyone!

"For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard" Acts 4:16-20


  1. Oh my gosh!!!! #7 on the list?? Holy moly, girl!! You are so incredibly close!!! Wow, you need to start updating your followers daily :-) I can't wait to find out more as the month goes on!

  2. Bold prayers for your sweet family!

  3. You know how excited we are for you guys!!!! We're boldly praying with you that you see their sweet face VERY soon!!!!

  4. Yay for moving up! Hoping you find out about your child(ren) soon!!

  5. Congrats! We found out that we are number 10 on the infant wait list! We are right behind you! What age are you approved for? It'd be great to be there at the same time! :)

  6. We're tied @ #7! I hear there is a separate referral list for US and Canadians...maybe we will get to travel together!

    :) Liz