Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekend Happenings

This weekend the kids were with their mom, so that meant we did a lot of household chores. I, of course, logged many hours on my sewing machine...while Clint worked on the nursery installing the second window.
My BFF's daughter turned 13 and requested a large tote bag....so I made her this one.

She gave out headbands as part of her "favor bags"... so i spent Friday night rolling flowers and making headbands.

On Sunday I talked Clint into taking me to pick up this AWESOME tv stand from Craigslist. I have BIG plans for it!! Can you guess??

While "relaxing" on the couch and watching "The Lincoln Lawyer" (which was a great movie)... I made this cute hoop art to hang in the nursery.... I'm going to put these in my Etsy store too!
Here's Clint (and a shot of my hand trying to keep the sun out) putting in the window. This wasn't long before he totally sliced his knuckle on some metal and had to quit for the day. It was BAD! Why wont men let you take them to the ER? He needed stitches but insisted on NOT going....so I had to just bandage the heck out of it instead.
Speaking of nursery, I changed my mind on some of the fabric. So now we are going with the flowers, pink beads and then the zig-zag. No green beads. Maybe for Oliver's bedding..we'll see.

And here was Laynie this morning...... officially an Edmond North softball player! I can't believe she's in HIGH SCHOOL this year!!!!!!


  1. Cute and cute!! Can't wait to see pics of the nursery when it's done--it's really coming along! Love the hoop art.

  2. okay, love those fabrics! Adorable! you have such creative and GORGEOUS style. I simply love it!
    And tell Clint to not be so Macho!! and don't forget, you do havea friend that can do sutures, casting, and whatever he needs on the fly! no appointment necessary! : )