Monday, August 22, 2011

Profound Words

Last night in our Life Group (couples Bible study group that meets every Sunday night) we were talking about BOLD speaking.
I am more of a BOLD prayer or a BOLD thinker then a BOLD speaker for sure!

Anyway. One of our questions was, "What is something profound that someone has said to you".
I gave my answer....

but today, while reading "Camp Hoffman" the Hoffman Family's blog.... I read this:

"When invited in and given the freedom to work - it's amazing how fast God can move mountains."

Profound. Indeed.


  1. Hi there - thanks for visiting our blog and saying "hi!" Glad I came here to check you guys out - we have a friend seriously interested in adopting from the congo - just sent her your blog...

    God bless you guys...

  2. That is so true! It doesn't mean the road will be easy, but we have to trust that He is working and in control.

    I'm excited to see how he moves mountains for you!

  3. What a good word! Love it!!! Believing He will move LOTS of mountains for you!