Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Home Study? Check!

I never really realized, in the short time we have been doing the paperwork shuffle, just how important the home study is! Everything I'm doing now seems to be waiting on the home study!

Good news though....Last Monday was THE day!

Andrea arrived around 2:00 and we dug right in. I felt like it went by fast because before we knew it, it was 6:30! It was very similar to our foster care home study, so there weren't any surprises.
Lots of questions about our feelings on adoption and the birth Mom. I felt comfortable with our answers.

There was no rummaging through our things. We took her on a tour of the house and that was about it.
Our kids had their "interviews" and they thought that was cool.

Now we wait....story of our lives right now..right?

I have been working hard on the Dossier. Most of it is complete, just a few things left to add.
What I am looking forward to now is to be able to submit the I-600A (CIS approval). That seems to be the last BIG thing we are waiting to complete.

We are excited and ready to keep moving forward and get on that WAITlist!!!!!! :)

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