Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Money is Evil!

I have decided that money is the root of all evil (well, maybe not ALL evil, but a lot of evil).

Racking our brains trying to come up with avenues to raise money, or people we have yet to talk to about buying a t-shirt, buying an item from my Etsy shop, donating money.....it's all very exhausting!

I knew this would be the hardest part. That and waiting... but this is for sure the hardest part right now.

We are faithful in the Lord and we know God will bless our efforts and He will provide. The hard part is the in-between. The parts between the next t-shirt order or crayon roll order, it's the not knowing...that's what gets me.

I know, I know...that's where FaITh comes in, but that's easier said then done sometimes!

I guess this is the REAL part of our journey....the hard working, penny-pinching, budget setting part!

We will make it....to our next $3900...and then the next $7000 and then the next $10,000. I know we will, and when we do....glory to God! He has brought us this far and has shown us that this is exactly what we need to be doing!


  1. God IS faithful and He WILL provide the resources you need for the adoption. I totally know how you feel. I always start to panic a little when we have a lull in donations or fundraising....then God surprises me and something unexpected comes in the mail or another cookie jar is sold :) Praying for you guys and for God to provide in AMAZING ways....I think you'll like the fundraiser idea John and I have for us to all do together. :)

  2. Praying for you as well. I know that feeling...the wondering...the worry. But I also know that God has called us all to this and that He always funds His calling.

    But I totally get how overwhelming it is. That's why it is so wonderful to have people to talk to, people who really do understand! :)

  3. First I have to say you are very crafty and talented and I LOVE all of your stuff on your etsy shop...will be purchasing some stuff for sure! I also understand the above as well and it does get very overwhelming and discouraging doing fund raising and have expectations and not knowing 100% for sure but you can know 100% for sure that you are doing everything in your power to save a little life and no matter how it happens or when it happens, it will happen! Excited to meet you someday (soon hopefully)