Monday, January 24, 2011

Funk and Fundraising

I thought I was a good blogger. wrong. I thought I was going to be an even better blogger when we started our adoption journey. wrong. I thought I would have all these wonderful, enlightening, encouraging, spiritual things to say. wrong.

What is WRONG with me? I read other blogs (like crazy) and think, "Wow, that was so wonderfully put. Why can't I write like that?"
I know that's not fair to put on myself. Not everyone is a terrific writer with profound things to say. BUT....I have a LOT to say...all the time. (ask my hubby!) haha.
It just seems like I don't ever want to put it down in writing. I know I should. I know that 10 years from now I will want to look back and read about what I was feeling, where we were in the process, etc.


I don't know if it's the pressure to write something wonderful, deep and meaningful every time I blog, or maybe it's being nervous about how my audience of 12 will receive my feelings.

I have had a lot going on recently. More doctors appointments, family drama, WAITING on our home study copies, trying to raise money for our adoption, etc.... so it's not like I don't have anything to blog about! I guess I just need to take the pressure of being a super writer off of myself and just blog...whenever and about whatever......maybe that will help me to blog more frequently.'goes

Fundraising: OH that word is daunting. Trying to think of creative ways to raise money to bring home this baby that God has picked special for our family. It's been a little crazy. My sweet friend Jennifer had a great post about fundraising over on her blog. I feel the exact same way she does. (there, can I just do that?...just link to wonderful posts on the things I'm feeling at the time? NO, that's the easy way out!).
I have had a few people get that look on their face when I tell them that we are fundraising for our adoption. I mean COME ON people.....if Girl Scouts can sell cookies, High School kids can sell coupon cards, and about 5 times a year my child brings home some fundraiser from the school...then I think I can fund raise to bring my sweet child home from Africa. Having to come up with new and creative ideas to raise this money is not an easy task.

I'm going to bake some "prototype" cookies tonight that I am hoping to sell for Valentines Day. We'll see how they turn out before I go promoting them!

We are faithful people. We have faith in the Lord and we have seen him to AMAzing things in our lives over the past year. We know he will provide and will bless our efforts! I need to let go of the worry and the panic and trust that God will see us through.

I plan to start blogging more. More about my feelings with this process, more about our family happenings, etc. Just more.
After all, I need to keep my 12 readers somehow...right?

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