Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Queen...and Penny!

A couple nights ago we had our monthly dinner at The Queen of Sheba, an Ethiopian restaurant in Oklahoma City. It was great to see familiar faces and to meet new friends. I love that we are building a new community of friends that know what we are all going through. It's just really fantastic! I love seeing all the sweet Ethiopian faces too. I wanted to just eat Eli up!!
Laynie and Blake did really well. We ordered the "platter" (can't remember the exact name)..that comes with a sample of almost everything. They were terrific and tried EVERYthing on the plate! Even the green beans! We were proud of them!

So, as I mentioned before...we are proud new parents to a sweet little Yorkie! Her name is Penny and she is really a great dog! She's about 2lbs now and will grow to about 5 or 6 lbs. I wanted a non-shedding "lap" dog and Penny is perfect for that!!
Poor Penny got her first bath on Tuesday night. She was very good and still...but she was SO ready to get dried off and warm again!

This is sweet Penny at the house I bought her from. She is so little!!
On the adoption front: I got an email yesterday saying that our final copies of our homestudy have been mailed off! That's exciting news and we can't wait to get our copies so we can hurry up with this Dossier!!
We are praying that we will be able to bring our sweet baby girl home in 2011. We'll see.


  1. Your puppy is PRECIOUS. It makes me want another one SO bad. That cute little face just makes your heart melt. :)

  2. It was fun to meet you guys at the queen! Hopefully next time we'll get to chat more.

    We have a little yorkie too - her name is Tallulah. She's about 4.5 lbs! We love her. Eli always tells me how much he loves her too :) Penny is adorable!

  3. Penny is adorable! I am so out of the Yorkie club! :( My 2 (big) English Setters are more than enough. I would love a little lap dog to cuddle though!

  4. It was really great meeting you guys the other night! I can't wait until you make it on the Waitlist! What a wonderful day that will be!