Monday, January 10, 2011

We Survived!

We survived the whirlwind that was 2010...the doctors appointments, the let-downs, the roller coaster! We survived.... and only because we had God on our side and LOTS of friends and family praying for us! Looking back, 2010 was not my best year!haha. I think it will go down as my worst to date. BUT....I learned a lot about myself...about my strength and my relationship with God. It brought Clint and I closer and really opened my eyes to many things.
We all go through difficult's how we choose to make it through that counts. I am excited for 2011. Hopefully we will bring our sweet baby home from Africa, but either way, it will be a year full of waiting and growing...and we can handle both of those! ;)
Now that we have the Gladney thing straightened out, we are moving forward. I almost have our Dossier (our foreign paperwork) completed. Just a few small things to wrap up. I'm very excited about that because it's the last big thing before we can be put on the wait list!
Feels great to be progressing!
We celebrated New Years with our wonderful friends, the Due's. The kids and us Mom's stayed up to ring in the new year, but the Dad's couldn't make it! haha.
Here are our unlikely BFF' 10 year old, Blake and our sweet friend Grace, who is 5. They play together all the time...and really enjoy each other. It's a mystery to us, but we love that they get along so wonderfully!
The kids toasting to the new year! Grace, Blake, Laynie and Lydia.

Just Dance, Wii style....the girls (and Clint) LOVED it!

Another fun thing that we have done in 2011.....we bought a sweet Yorkie puppy. Her name is Penny and she is 14 weeks old. She is super sweet and has been a very good puppy! I will post pics soon. :)


  1. I'm glad 2010 is over too! 2011 is going to be so life changing for all of us! :) I'm so glad I get to experience it with you!


  2. I second what Sarah wrote! Aslo, what happened that you almost switched from Gladney, I guess I need to be filled in but am happy everything got straightened out for you guys. Can't wait till our next get-together!