Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blame It On The Rain!

For some reason I am in an "adoption funk" today. Not sure if it's because we haven't seen a BIG response to our Dinner and Silent Auction, or if it's because I just REALLY want to be a Mommy NOW, or maybe it's just the rain today. Whatever it is, it's icky! Feelings like this are never productive. They dont solve anything, or make me feel any better.
I know that God has a hand in this adoption and that alone makes me feel like I can overcome any kind of "funk" i'm feeling!
Tonight I get to dine with my "dinner club". It's a group of ladies from my neighborhood that have come together to do a book study, but we have decided that going into spring and summer that we needed something a little less demanding. So....dinner club it is! I'm looking forward to Kerri's lasagna and poppy seed cake!
I also plan on sewing tonight (we'll see...with dinner club and American Idol I may not have time!!). Last night I made this cute bag. I left the name area blank (but photoshopped a name in on the first pic so everyone would get the idea). I LOVE the deer! So cute!

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  1. I'm sorry you are feeling the "adoption funk" (love that name!!). I totally get it. This whole thing is one giant roller coaster. God IS in control though...even when it is hard! :) Love you.