Monday, February 7, 2011

Cherry Pie turns 2

Two years ago today I got a phone call from the Mother of our sweet foster son. She said she had gone into labor and that little Cherokee Marie was born. I was excited and was I going to handle being a foster mom to this teeny-tiny little 4.5lb baby!? Clint and I had her "older" brother Bruce living with us at the time and he was a year and 1/2 old.
Now here's this tiny miracle, born to a mother that can't care for her...and by the grace of God, placed in our home for us to love and care for her for however long God needed us to.
Cherry (as we called her) was in the hospital for about a week before she got to come home with us on Valentine's Day 2009! She was SO tiny and SUCH a wonderful baby. She was 5 weeks early and weighed 4.5lbs when she left the hospital.
Here is a picture of her in her car seat test at the hospital. Poor baby failed it on this try, but passed the next day..just enough to get her home, then we had to switch to a preemie car seat...that was interesting.

She got to ride around in this little "bed" for about 2 weeks. (no she wasn't in there when I took the pic) :)
Here she is in "Aunt" Kerri's was her first ride in her car seat. I'm glad it was with Kerri, because I think I would've been checking every 2 seconds to see if she was still breathing (I'm telling you, she was the quietest baby ever!)

Her brother, Bruce, just loved her. He wasn't jealous or anything. He always kissed her and even held her a few times (under supervision...obviously).

Here she is in her little bed car seat. SO TINY! That paci was for preemie's and it looks like it's more then 1/2 her face!

With lots of love and a whole lot of spoiling...she grew really fast. She was gaining weight so well and really thriving.
Here she is about 3 weeks before she left.... so snuggly!

I miss that sweet face!
She's 2 today.... walking, running, eating big girl food, sleeping through the night, laughing, talking, playing... so many things.
I pray she is loved and cared for. I pray she has books read to her every day and has someone teaching her about how much Jesus loves her!!
I think of her often.
Happy Birthday sweet Cherry Pie

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