Friday, July 22, 2011

Funny Friday

I'm not sure about you, but the website called People of WalMart really makes me laugh. I wanted a good chuckle today, so I went to the website and searched for pics only relating to "Oklahoma". Shocker that there was like 23 pages of pics from OK alone!! Oiy!
So here are a few to make you laugh too!

Happy Friday!

Ok, so I have probably been burned like this before, but WOW!

Thank goodness Clint brought me straight home from the hospital last week, because everyone knows once you leave the hospital you HAVE to stop off at WalMart!! haha.

This poor, poor dog! I hate to see what he gets tied up with at home :(

This picture not only made me laugh because the kid is dragging behind the Dad (or G-Pa), but LOOK at those DIRTY feet!!!! HOly cow!

This picture speaks for itself!!!

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  1. Oh, wow. What is up with that little kid???? Is this a website? I think I've been seriously missing out on some funnies!!