Thursday, July 28, 2011

How Many??

I'm not sure if I have blogged about this so I wanted to make sure and do so.

We are currently #14 on the DRC waitlist for a

GIRL under 12 months


BOY 3yrs or younger.

We have started construction on the "nursery" to accommodate both of them....we'll see if that plan sticks. So designing/decorating a space for both genders should be interesting. I'll do my best to make it as girly and as not-so-girly as possible. Should be a great test of my decorating abilities!!

So.... we are very excited about welcoming TWO precious gifts from God into our hearts and into our family!!!!


  1. I am SO happy for you guys! I can't wait to see both of your new kiddos at the airport! :)

  2. Ah, that answers my question. Very exciting!!

  3. oh my gosh... how exciting. congrats!