Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We think THIS is HOT??

Yes, some would say it is HOT here in Oklahoma right now.... heck, I say it every time I get in my car and it says "108" or higher! As hot as it is here, and as brown as my grass keeps getting...nothing compares to the drought that is happening in Africa right now.

I read this article today on and it put our heat in perspective! Here's just a little bit of the article:UNICEF on Thursday called the drought and refugee crisis "the most severe humanitarian emergency in the world." The international Red Cross signaled "great alarm" this week at the nutritional state of Somali children.

Thousands of Somalis are walking days and sometimes weeks to reach the refugee complex known as Dadaab, in hopes of finding food.

But the journey is claiming untold numbers of children as victims.

Andrew Wander, a spokesman for Save the Children, said his agency is providing care to more than 300 unaccompanied children who were found on roadsides after their parents died or abandoned them on their way to Dadaab.

"More children have died of malnutrition in the first four months of this year than in the whole of last year," he said.

It's just heartbreaking to think about all these people and children that are suffering. They don't have air conditioned houses, office, cars, etc... They don't have access to water and food whenever they want like we do. It really makes you grateful for what you have, and it makes you wish you could give it all to them too!

So the next time I get in my car and crank the air conditioner while complaining about the current temps, I'll think of the thousands of men, women and children that are doing everything they can to just survive and say a prayer... I hope you will too!

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