Thursday, July 7, 2011

Working on new Etsy items

In between my Etsy orders I have been trying to make time for other crafts. I have a huge stack of "to do" patterns and ideas and really no time to do them! Over the last couple of weeks I have made time to get a few things done so that I can continue to add variety to my Etsy store.

So coming soon to Sew Cute and Crafty ......

Jewelry/Photo holder. I will have 11x14 and 8x10 for sale (other sizes are available upon request). The 11x14 will be $45 and the 8x10 will be $35. You choose the fabric!

Flower wreaths. I have the smaller one hanging in my kitchen and the larger one is on my back door. They are so cheerful! These are the summer version. I will have fall/Halloween and Christmas ones too. The smaller wreath measures 10" diameter,(first pic), and will be $25. The larger wreath measures 14" in diameter (second pic) and will be $35.
You can give me the colors you prefer for the flowers as well.
YAY! My chalkboard labels are now being created! This is just a quick sample I made last night. Somewhat in a hurry. I will have many of these in different shapes and sizes and I can cut anything you want within a 12x24" space. I love this stuff! Chalk glides over it so well! Prices will vary from $2-$30...just depends on the cut and size!
I have had my pieces cut out for this little African dolly for months!!! I finally MADE the time to get her done! You can choose the fabric for her legs and body. You can even have a name put on her like these found here. She is $18.
And lastly I am making personalized name birthday hats. My others have the #, but some people may want to use them for more then just one this solves that problem! You can pick the fabric and the name color. $18.00. This one had a longer name... Madison.
There ya have it... a few things coming soon to my Etsy shop!

Don't let that stop you from ordering something now. Just email me or comment below and we can get your order going!!!

I'm getting ready to start on 6 shirts for a wonderful adoptive family! She wanted something for all the kids to wear for their homecoming! I am beyond excited to get started on this project!

*ALL of the proceeds from my Etsy shop go straight toward bringing our kids home from the Democratic Republic of Congo! So thank you so much for all the support!!!!!*


  1. LOVE the dolly! You should try to make a Chinese looking one too! :)

  2. I love the dolls too! So adorable! Might have to think about some Xmas shopping now :-)