Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Funky Funk Funk!

So in light of the most recent post on the website, I have ordered these two books from Amazon.

If you have a minute, listen to the "Sun Stand Still" msg from my church, Life HERE
It's a wonderful message about praying for the things you feel are impossible for God.

I feel like right now this news about Ethiopia and adoptions is my Sun Stand Still moment. My "impossible" prayer.
In fact, I feel like being a Mom is my "Sun Stand Still" prayer, because right now that is what feels like my impossible prayer.

Crazy, right?

Crazy that babies are born every and all around the world...with no family to love and care for them, no home to call their own, etc....
and yet, here we are just waiting...wondering....praying that we will soon be Mommy and Daddy to a sweet baby.

Today i'm in a funk. Maybe it's this new announcement, maybe it's that i'm PMS'ing (booooo), maybe i'm just tired and this week has got me run down. Whatever it stinks!

I've said many prayers this morning. Praying for understanding, strength, hope, wisdom, courage, and praying my "Sun Stand Still" prayer to be a Mom.


  1. I'm TRYING to be positive too, but today I just feel blah. I'm just annoyed with another sad announcement about ET adoptions. I know God can do anything and he hears us, but I just want to pout for a little while.

    Hopefully tomorrow I'll be cheery again! :)

  2. Love you girls! God can move mountains! Let's keep praying and trusting...we will all have our babies in God's perfect timing! It will happen. He has laid these dreams on our hearts and He will fulfill them....