Monday, April 4, 2011

New Etsy Items

This past weekend (actually Thursday-Sunday) I achieved a pretty decent trifecta. My boss, husband and step-kids were all gone! Yip, that's was just little'ol me (and Penny too!). I was sad to have my sweet hubby gone, but I used my time wisely! I worked on some Etsy store items and did some thrift store shopping with Jennifer...
I finally made a birthday hat. I will do a boy one soon...but for now....just the girly one.
I also finally got around to doing some bibs. Something so simple, but I have put it off for a long time! I think they are pretty cute!
And I did a sweet birthday girl shirt. I had already done a birthday boy one, but now I have both! This one was for my sweet friend Shalayn's little birthday girl!

So all-in-all it was a productive 4 days. The weather was wonderful and my house was clean for a whole 4 days was nice.
Now back to reality and getting ready for our BIG garage sale this weekend!!!
If you live close, come by!! It's Saturday from 7am-1pm (roughly). We are having a bake sale too!
If you need my address, just comment me!

On the adoption front:
We sent in the paperwork that USCIS needed in order to process our I600A. I am praying that it's what they need to approve us! Back to mailbox stalking!

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