Wednesday, April 13, 2011

They call me "Mommy"

Penny went for her first puppy cut on Tuesday. I have never had a dog that required any type of "spa" treatments, so this was a first for me.
I decided to try "Max & Elsies Pet Spa" here in Edmond because it's right down the street from my office. What's funny about Max & Elsies is that it's a doggy daycare/pet spa. For some reason that makes me giggle! Doggy day care! ha.
So when I went in on Tuesday to drop Penny off, I was greeted by a very nice Scentsy smell...some cute decor and the lady behind the desk that was VERY bubbly for 8am!
She saw Penny and said, "Oh, this must be Penny!" "Mommy, what a pretty puppy you have". At first I had a flashback of being 5 when I referred to myself as "mommy" to my pets, my stuffed animals, my Barbies, etc....
but then.... I totally just went with it. Actually, I enjoyed every minute of it! She called me "Mama, Mommy, Mom," about 100 times and I. LOVED. It!

I was cracking up at myself by the time I left. Some would be embarrassed by the lady who was overly excited to call you "mommy" to your little dog...but NOT me! Nope. I just enjoyed it!
Imagine what it's going to be like when I'm a Mommy to a sweet baby!!! Watch out! lol

Here's Penny after she got her "summer cut" at the groomers! So cute.

In other news...I had to take a trip down to the Secretary of State's office today on my lunch break. We have 3 forms that are left to be authenticated and I was determined to get them done today and overnighted to Gladney! I can't STAND when it's ME that's holding things up!!!!

So I made the trip downtown and spent the 20 min trying to find a parking spot.... and almost resorted to promoting myself to "Senate Member" for a premium spot, but settled for the 2 mile hike from "visitors" parking. ugh.

So the guy takes my paperwork and looks up the notary and begins to tell me how this notary isn't bonded in the state of Oklahoma. She has to be bonded.
So he said that it's not a "legal" notary.

So, that was a great wasted trip.
Going to try it again tomorrow, with a real notary! Hopefully!

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