Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Help is on it's way!

I made my first "business" purchase! God has been blessing my Etsy Shop and my hands are in knots from cutting out letters!!!! I decided today to take some of my shop $ and invest in this beauty!!!!
The Cricut Expression! I know, most of you probably already have this beast, but I just never thought it would be worth the $$, until now.
I can now have the Cricut cut all my letters for my shirts, onesies, etc.... It will save me SO much time and give my throbbing hands a rest!!! YIPPEE!!
I got a great deal on it at Amazon, so I can't wait till it gets here. Lets just hope it's as easy to use as they say!I had to purchase the font cartridges seperately (of course).... So I got two. The "Makin' The Grade" one,
And the "Cuttin' Up" one. Both have cute letters and a few this should get me started!

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  1. I totally want one of those. Except I couldn't craft my way out of a paper bag. But they look really cool!