Monday, June 27, 2011

Can't think of a title!

This weekend was pretty relaxing! It was just Clint and I (the kids were at their Mom's). We enjoyed a nice evening at home on Friday, shopped for antiques on Saturday, spent the evening with friends Saturday evening...and relaxed in the house on Sunday! Now that's a relaxing weekend!

I did get some sewing done. On top of my regular orders, I had to get some 4th of July stuff out. It's nothing fancy... I wish I had more time to really get crazy creative, but my day job prevents that! boooooo.

Here's this cute USA onesie/shirt I did. You can have the heart placed over any state...this one is on Oklahoma of course. :)

Firecrackers!!! I really like this cute onesie. They can be put on t-shirts as well!

If there is anything you may want made for the 4th, head over to my Etsy store and let me know! I can get them out quick once I get the orders! Or of course you can email me!

Here's the weekend on the couch pic!

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  1. I can't *wait* until I can buy all kinds of things from your store for our (future) little one! Super, super cute!