Thursday, June 23, 2011


While we were gone to the lake this past weekend, our CIS Approval letter came in the mail! It was great to see it because I was thinking it was going to take at least a few months! Thank goodness the online time frames were off by about 6 weeks!!! *It's the little things*

So now that we have the updated 171H (CIS Approval letter) we have to get it notarized and sent in to our agency for them to add it to our dossier, which they already have!
This was the last piece of the dossier that we can submit right now. The rest comes after your referral. So it's nice to have it all done!!!

Also, I contacted our program director to ask how the wait list works for the DRC and she let me know that we are #18 on the infant wait list! We were SO happy to hear that.

So now we just wait.
We have heard from different blogs that there are 20 children waiting to be "paperwork ready" to be sent out as referrals. I have NO idea if our 2 children are in that group, but we pray every day that they are. Being 18 on the list kindof rules that out, but you never know.

Yes, you read that right..I said 2 children.

Clint laughs at me all the time because we didn't realize that our 171H says we are approved for 2 children under 18 months.


So we'll see. I'm not sure if we have any wiggle room with those ages...but if we do, we would like the 2nd child to be 3years or younger.

Anyway....that's about all the "news" I have for now.



  1. Wait just a darned second--you're already #18??? That's AMAZING!!! Come on, 20 referrals!! Are you seeking 2 children, or a single or whichever comes first? We are open to 2 as well, with the younger under 4, although I've heard that happens very rarely. And the wait begins....(but hopefully not for too long)

  2. Number 18?! That's amazing! And I hope you do have two children. Can you even imagine? So excited for you guys!

  3. Congrats on your pending adoptions! So very exciting!