Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dossier : part duex

Ok, so this is the second time around with overnighting a dossier off...but still as exciting as the first time!!!!!

I finished up everything that I can now (other documents that have to be included are more "child specific" so they will come later) for our Congo dossier, so I am sending it via Fed Ex today!!!

It feels so good to have this done and to be able to write this check to accompany it. I am not going to freak out that that's pretty much it for our savings account now. Nope. Not going to FREAK OUT! FREAKKKKK OUUUUTTT!

whoops...i freaked out a little.

Ok, i'm good.

So now we just wait for our updated CIS approval letter to come back. Once that's submitted to One World, we just continue to wait to receive our referral.

I wont lie, I wish there was a chance that my phone could ring at any moment, but that's not going to happen.
Thank goodness we are keeping busy this summer! Keeps my mind off of things! sort of.

This weekend we are headed to my bosses lake house. Blake has another baseball tournament and it's in a city that's close to the lake, so we will be chill'in at the lake between games..yay!!

My Mom and little brother (who is home from Iraq..woot.woot.) will be here on Sunday.

lots to do and so happy about it. Keeps my mind occupied!

Oh and not to outdo myself as a surgery addict...but I have a hernia! One that can't be ignored and needs to be repaired. Not sure exactly when...but I don't blame anyone for thinking I'm addicted to the general anesthesia or something. HA (of course I'm totally kidding).
This will be 3 surgeries in 1 year and 2 months.


  1. Girl, you are FAST!!! Yeah, filling out those checks is a bit scary, but what a way to spend your savings! And keeping busy is the best way to make the waiting time pass.
    Sorry about your surgery(ies)--that does not sound fun at all. I've heard hernias hurt like heck--hope you are feeling all right! Glad your bro is home!

  2. You're on your way! Can't wait. really. Can't wait!