Monday, June 6, 2011

Help bring their baby girl home!

This sweet girl is a waiting child in the Congo. Our friends, Brian and Lindsay, know that this is their daughter, but they need to send $7,500 along with their dossier. And right now, they don't have the money to send with their paperwork.

They heard God's call to adopt and they have taken action! We first met Brian and Lindsay when we were in the same Ethiopia program with Gladney. We were two families with the same heart for adoption, for Africa and for the orphan. We were excited to hear about their change to the Congo and they have played a huge roll in our decision to do the very same thing!

They need our help to bring their sweet girl home! Every little bit helps! You can donate here!
The quicker they can send in their paperwork, the quicker they can bring their daughter home!

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