Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oiy! More surgery? Come on Doc!

Over the past year and 3 months I have had two surgeries, multiple doctors appointments and infections caused by surgery. I'm tired!

In April of 2010 I had my appendix removed. God knew what He was doing when he sent me to the hospital in pain. If it wasn't for the appendectomy, they never would have found the endometriosis that had taken over inside of me!
The follow-up trip to the doctor after surgery was one of shock and confusion. I thought I was just going in for him to check out my incisions....but instead left his office with more questions then anything else.

Jump ahead about 3 months, to July 2nd, 2010..... I had to undergo extensive endometriosis surgery. When your doctor discusses the "possible risks" involved with surgery of this dont think any of them could really happen to you. Well, I should have known better!

My ovaries went into "shock" and pretty much shut down. They called it "premature ovarian failure".
I had an infection right after surgery and before I knew it...I was dealing with hot flashes and night sweats. My 31 year old body was now one of a 50'something. I was experiencing premature menopause. Disbelief, frustration.... I was so sure that my endo surgery was going to fix everything. Boy was I wrong.
God had other plans.

It was just a year before that I hear Him saying that I wasn't going to be able to have children of my own (out of my own body)....I knew all these closed doors were a sign that what I had heard was playing itself out in my life.

I just knew.

Letting go and allowing God to take control has been hard. I have grown so much.....

Fast forward back to today...almost exactly one year after my surgery and wouldn't you know....
i'm going back.

I'm VERY thankful that it's not for another round of endo removal (whew)... just a pesky ol inguinal hernia.'s back to the hospital for me on July 14th.

No...... these aren't my doctors..... if they were, maybe that would explain all these surgeries I keep having. haha.

Just like everything else, I trust God and His plan for my life and everything that happens in it. He's in control.

*A very special shout-out to my amazing HUSBAND that has been by my side through everything. Surgeries, a cancer scare, more surgeries, the ups and downs of menopause....ALL of it!!! He has been my rock. When he vowed to love me, " sickness and in health..." he sure meant it. I am SO blessed to have his love and support. I can't wait to live a full, long, healthy life with him and our many children!!!! I love you Clint!*


  1. Oh my goodness Kathleen! This post brought tears to my eyes. I had no idea all you've been through. I will be praying that this upcoming surgery is successful and you'll heal quickly...and maybe I'll throw in a prayer request for a Dr. McDreamy ;)

  2. This sounds all too familiar. 3 years ago I went in for a quick 30 min exploratory surgery and came out 7 hours later with 3 times as many incisions as I expected. A week later I was at my post op learning all about endometriosis and the next 8 months I spent going through menopause at 25 yrs old. I am so sorry you are dealing with this too. :(

  3. Oh friend! I am SO sorry you are having to go through all of this! Praying for you (also praying this is the last surgery for a long long long time!!!).

  4. Oh Kathleen! I'm so, so sorry to hear this story--I can't even imagine. Sounds like you and the hubs are an amazing team--Im impressed by all of your positivity and fortitude! I know hernias are painful so hope you are hanging in there. Gah. Can't believe you have to have yet another surgery; hoping this one is very, very uneventful!

  5. wow! so sorry sweetie! you have had such a rough road! we'll have to get together post-recovery and swap stories.
    and yes, I am a Grey's Anatomy fan too. and I've spent a lot of time in hospitals on "cafeteria dates" with my my hubby during his resdiency. No, there are no doctors (except my hubby, of course!) like McDreamy or McSteamy!!! : ) only in Hollywood! LOL!!!